Christian Education

Topics: Education, Virtue, Religion Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Indeed, the paramount objective of Christian education is the spiritual formation of young men and women in concurrence with their intellectual development to make them thorough and complete as a human being. In this context, education, from its latin origin, means “leading out” that is – directing something out of a person. It is, for this basis, Christian education is the method of encouraging the advancement of God-given inherent gifts and the knowledge -- which God has given to each individual, and especially to each child (F. Lee, 2001).

The very purpose of education is to have products who will become functional members of society. De Torre in Education and Christian Education mentioned the essence of schools in Greece, that is- to produce citizens who are empowered to exercise responsible citizenship. In Rome, schools are geared in stabilizing the roman civilization. Thus, academic institutions served as a training ground for political maturity and leadership. But with the advent of the Christian faith, schools and universities were tapped as proliferating ground for spiritual formation and character-building. Christian education, in this case, has been part of the scholastic curriculum (for some schools) to increase the awareness of students relating to faith and spirituality.

With the dawn of technology and fast paced modernization, the need for education requires more than knowledge and expertise. There is a great demand on the edification of values and character. It is insufficient that learning institutions will just produce academically brilliant graduates; it is of great importance that schools will have graduates who are properly espoused to the doctrines and virtues of Christianity. What is the use of having highly specialized experts and professionals if they do not possess the character that makes a virtuous person? A society filled with prosperity and yet lacking in faith and goodness is virtually oblivion.

Also, from the readings, it...
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