China's perspective on UNPKF

Topics: United Nations, Human rights, Peacekeeping Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: August 31, 2014
My fellow members of this grand counncil,

Over the past decade, the number of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions around the world has significantly increased, and so has the number of peacekeepers. They increase in size, budget and importance has, in turn, drawn much scrutiny from the international community. Allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse presumably committed by UN Peacekeepers are perhaps one of the pertinent issues that have generated much controversy and criticism against these missions.

The delegate of China feels that besides constituting brutal human rights violations, such actions have a devastating impact on the mission’s legitimacy. Besides constituting brutal human rights violations, such actions have a devastating impact on the mission’s legitimacy. One thing this committee fails to realize is that, acquiring legitimacy is a slow process that requires regular and engaged work with the local population. However, accusations of misconduct in general can easily cause a sudden loss of credibility from which the mission will hardly be able to recover.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance of the United Nations to prevent situations that might spoil the overall majority of its members. Despite the uncertainty regarding the scope of the problem, the number of documented cases has largely been enough to severely affect the credibility of UN Peace Keeping missions. These are the problems being faced and these are the solutions this grand council has to consider:

1) Inclusion of mandatory training on sexual exploitation and abuse as part of pre-deployment orientations

2) Addition of simplified mechanisms to enable local community members to file complaints against UN personnel more easily
3) Provision of an assistance mechanism for victims of sexual violence committed by UN personnel. (Services such as counseling, medical treatment and financial assistance to be provided to the victims)

Now, my fellow members...
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