China's National Interests

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Throughout the emergence of China since the Cold War Era, a variety of forms and techniques of power have been used including diplomacy, trade, aid and military power to achieve the four key national interests of the state, being territorial integrity, socially harmonious society, peaceful rise and economic development. China continue to increase their potential of becoming a 21st Century powerhouse, as their power and influence over global actors continues to expand. Through the attempted achievement of these national interests via these foreign policy instruments, China and Chinese influence on the global political arena has grown, enabling these national interests to be more easily attainable in the future.

Military power is often employed by the Chinese, often protecting the national objective of territorial integrity, yet in certain circumstances it can lead to potential unrest and uproar within the international community. Since 2008, China have increased defence spending by 18% suggesting that this is a form of power they consider important to continue going on with. This was displayed through the actions undertaken to protect the national interests of territorial integrity and economic development, having limited the influence of Taiwanese independence lobbies through their direct use of military power. Beijing have aimed and readied 1,600 missiles at Taiwan, to quash any attempt from the Taiwanese to claim independence of any form. However, use of military power can result in public backlash. For example the Lhasa riots in Tibet, which caused the deaths of many innocent civilians as ordered by the Chinese military, to cease protests for independence. This caused the international community to publicly voice it's outrage, as well as undermine the legitimacy of two of the four Chinese national interests, peaceful rise and harmonious society.

Diplomacy has assisted the Chinese to achieve the national interests of...
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