Chicken And Mushroom Dimsum

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Chapter 1


In this country, one of the basic needs of man is food. Nowadays, people Prefer to acquire goods services, and food. In particular, that is less expensive yet of such as high quality to satisfy their needs. Consumers need inexpensive food of good quality as requirements for good health. Since health is an important aspect in everyone’s life of needs to be full considered.

In view of this consideration for inexpensive yet high quality and nutritious Food, the proponents of this study proposed a new recipe for siomai, a delicious but quite expensive delicacy. It has been noticed that the staple food of the Filipinos is chicken. Like pork and beef, chicken is also a very healthy food. Mushrooms can also be used as ingredient for a new recipe-CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOM SIOMAI.

It is quite risky for beginners like the researchers to enter into the business Considering the conflict and the problems to be encountered in running a business. However, everyone is expected to contribute each one’s know-how effort and Resources. Each one must be able to cope with the expected and unexpected turns of business. Chicken Mushroom Siomai could be profitable business venture.

The project is proposed to meet consumer’s need for a reasonably priced product which is at the same time nutritious and good for one’s health.


The study aims to look into the demandability and profitability of chicken with mushroom siomai, and in the possibility of providing employant and services to the people in Los Baños, Laguna.

1. How can this product compete with other existing siomai Establishments? 2. What form of business organizations is most appropriate in this kind of business? 3. Who are the target market?
4. How many workers are needed?
5. How much will the project cost?
6. What is the payback period for this kind of business?
7. How will the business help the community?


The main objective of the enterprise is to be able to manufacture siomai products which is hygienic and seasonably priced. In order to do so, innovative Production methods to ensure efficiency and sanitation will be used with help of Well studied recipes.

Current levels of production provide a modest profit but expanding operations Will provide greater profit. The enterprise are expect to generate a larger output Enabling it to expand its market share. The market acceptability of REL product is High compares favorably against similar but commercial products.

Further more, the study aims to generate more income and increase Employment opportunities when the plant will be established, and to contribute a lot of support to government programs but encourage small businessman to establish livelihood project that will sustain the growth of the present economy.

Furthermore, the operation is not polluting and does not expect to produce environmental problems.

Marketing aspect:
To find an alternative recipe for siomai which would be less expensive but nutritious at the same time To determine the demand and supply if the product under the study. To determine the marketing technique to be used in order to make the proposed product be accepted in the market. Management aspect:

To determine who will be the people to operate and work for the business. To determine the responsibilities of each of the partners.
To determine the qualifications of the individuals that will look for the organization. Technical Aspect:
To know the accessible location in launching the proposed business. To know how the business will maintain the acquisition of materials. Financial Aspect:
To determine how much capital will be needed to put up the business. To determine the total cost of the merchandise inventory.
To be able to determine the rate of return of investment for the first year operations. Socio Economic Aspect:

Bibliography: Gonzales, H,S, 1974. Mushroom for everyone.
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