Causes of Homelessness

Topics: Homelessness in the United States, Unemployment, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: November 19, 2011
How many people live on the streets of Toronto? They sleep on cold floors, scrounge for scraps of food, and are often suffering from respiratory diseases. Every year more and more people are becoming homeless. According to the Toronto Shelter, Support & Housing Administration, There are 5,086 homeless people on the streets of Toronto as of April 2009. Homelessness is becoming a big problem worldwide. There are many situations that can be caused by others around us or by nature. Many people cannot afford to pay rent for their homes and are kicked out on the streets as a result. Others are forced out of the homes because of disasters cause nature. Some people are even kicked out of their homes because of drug addictions. People become homeless because of drug addictions, natural disasters, and financial problems.

The first cause of homelessness is disasters caused by nature. People’s homes are destroyed by such things as Fires, Tornados, Hurricanes and Floods. For example, several years ago the United States of America was hit by Hurricane Katrina; many people lost their homes and were moved to either shelters or the streets. People whose towns or cities that are hit by floods and hurricanes often have to move to different places they are not known to, sometimes these people do not know where to go and end up on the streets. Some people who lose their homes by natural disasters do not have insurance, as a result these people lose their homes and belongings and they cannot be replaced because they do have insurance. Many people get house insurance to help them in natural disasters.

Another cause of homelessness is drug addictions. People who take drugs so often tend to become addicted to them; as a result they become abusive towards others such as spouses and children. The people who become abused by these addicts become scared of them and tend to run away from home, they usually end up living on the streets because they don’t want to go back home or...
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