Causes and Effects of the Black Death

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Causes and Effects of the Extent of the Black Death

The Bubonic Plague started in Europe in the fourteenth century. The plague had wiped out nearly one third of the population and did not single anyone out, regardless of age, gender, or religion. All of this occurred as a result of a single fleabite. Bubonic Plague also known as Black Death started in Asia and traveled to Europe by ships. The Bubonic Plague was an infectious disease spread by fleas living on rats which would attached themselves to travelers to be later spread to a city or region. During the Bubonic Plague there were also many different beliefs and concerns, which include fear, religious and supernatural superstition, and a change of response from the fifteenth to eighteen century.

The death rate caused by the Plague was astonishing. The estimated death rate in Europe was 31%, 33% in England and 33% in Egypt and Syria (Document 2). Priests and monks had a higher death rate than anyone else. This is because Priests would go out to see and try to heal the sick. This caused the priests to become very ill very quickly, and to also transfer the disease to other people during their visits. Monks had a similar but different problem. Monks live in monasteries which you are around all day every day. Since everyone lived together and were so close to each other the Plague spread more quickly.

There was no way to prevent anyone during this time to get infected by the plague. It did not matter if you were Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. The Christian population liked to believe that it was not their fault and was very quick to blame other people and other religions. Document showed that not only person, one religion or one gender was affected by the plague. The Christians believed that the Jews were responsible for the outbreak of the plague. The Christians punished the Jews by burning them alive to suffer for their sins. The Christians accused the Jews of poisoning wells. It is when the Jews...
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