Catholic Lutheran Topics

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Demian Tejeda-Benitez
Write 2 paragraphs on the Lutheran Views of each topic:

Lutheran views on Grace:
Grace is known and viewed as the central doctrine for all Lutherans. They also believe in the concept of “faith alone” meaning the only way to believe is through the practice of faith and grace alone. The beliefs of Lutherans believe that, through specific means, God communicates his grace with us and to humankind. Lutheran views on Scripture

Lutherans follow something called “Sola Scriptura” which means “by scripture alone”. And with this, they mean that the Bible is the only text known to man that contains all knowledge necessary for salvation and holiness. But even though it says “sola scriptura” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s just the Bible alone. Doctrines can be named and proven right if they confess things that come from the bible rather than an outside source. Lutheran views on Hierarchy

In Lutheranism, there isn’t necessarily a pope. The pope isn’t considered part of the hierarchy; the pope is seen above the hierarchy. Therefore, there is a leader of the hierarchy, but it’s split in different groups. They have a president for 3 years through a voting delegation compromised of ½ pastors and ½ laity. There are districts spread out just like in Catholicism with bishops, there can be many presidents at one point as well. Lutheran views on Afterlife

It’s believed to be more of a pilgrimage throughout one’s life and into the final destination being either eternity in heaven or in hell. Through Lutherans, there isn’t anything someone can do to enter into Heave. It’s believed that it is through God alone that chooses whether or not we enter it or not. He freely forgives the sins of some, and the others are just unfortunate I guess. Also, the belief of purgatory is false, they don’t believe there is one because it doesn’t necessarily say there is one in the Bible. Lutheran Views on Eucharist

Lutherans believe that the body and blood are...
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