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Topics: Monsoon, Global warming, Earth Pages: 3 (544 words) Published: December 30, 2012
By Vishal Bhosale Roll No. 12209

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What is MANSOON? Irregularity of Monsoon Critical factors for Monsoon Climate change and it’s effect on Monsoon Future courses of action

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The word Monsoon comes from the Arabic mausim, meaning “season” Monsoon means wind that changes direction with season. Monsoons are set by land and sea temperature differences. Land reflects the sun’s rays, heating air over land more rapidly. Water is able to absorb a lot of heat without changing its temperature much, so air over water stays relatively cooler. This temperature difference sets monsoon

India's climate is affected by two seasonal winds - the Southwest Monsoon and Northeast monsoon. Northeast Monsoon Southwest Monsoon

July to September is considered as the normal period of Monsoon. In past few years, arrival of Monsoon is delayed. For last seven years, monsoon fails to recede on September 1.

Below diagram shows Monsoon system

The dominant driver of Asian monsoon is El Niño warming and La Niña cooling in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Indian Ocean Dipole – a coupled ocean and atmospheric phenomenon over the Indian Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean sea surface temperatures. Aerosol has significant impact upon the distribution and the amount of rainfall modulating the entire hydrological cycle and this has major impact upon the monsoon water cycle.

The way we currently use coal, oil and gas, pollutes the atmosphere with huge amount of carbon emissions (CO2). Methane is emitted during organic waste decomposition, production and transport of fossil fuels. Nitrogen Oxide emissions occur during various agricultural and industrial processes and when solid waste or fossil fuels are burned. Greenhouse gases absorb the sunlight heat and trap it in lower atmosphere to warm up land. This is known as Global warming.

The sea surface temperature of the equatorial central Indian Ocean has increased by about 1.5 degree Celsius. All-India average air...
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