Case 7

Topics: Planning, Management, Plan Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: February 21, 2015

1. How could the planning process be followed to create a plan for continuous improvements in Lands End’s online costumer service?

- By gathering information, settings a mission and goals, devise strategies, implement plan, monitor performance, and lastly evaluate plan. Those are the planning process to be followed to create a plan for improvements in their online costumer service.

2. If you were hired by Lands’ End to help benchmark its costumer service performance, which three companies would you choose and why?

- Sears, because sears has a planned to expand on the relatively small number of Lands’ End stores by creating a store-within-a-store concept. So as a businessman I want the concept of sears because its helps the company to grow and to earn more money.

3. How could MBO at Lands’ End build a clear hierarchy of objectives, improve goal alignment and help with implementing plans within the costumer services area?

- By focusing on one goal. Employees of the company must have a same goal for their costumer. Planning a new service to be offer for their costumer. Teamwork is also one of the important factor to be consider to build a clear hierarchy of objective, goal and plans.

4. Browse the Lands’ End web site and check the business news for updates to learn as much as you can about the company. Do the same for L.L. Bean. Does one firm or the other have any special advantage in respect to planning for future success? Why or why not?

Lands’ End names Federica Marchionni as CEO.
For L.L. Beans offered a “free shipping” no minimum order. NO END DATE. Lands’ End, because they are focusing on giving the costumer what they want and they continue to offer a service to make shopping more easier.
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