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A career is so much more than just a job. A career is working in a field that one has a true passion for and an interest in. My true passion and interest are in health care, more specifically in health care administration. Health care administrators have the opportunity every day to encourage patient recovery. This influence on recovery is accomplished through the proper management of both the facility they run and the staff they oversee. This particular health care career allows for a terrific balance between patient care and administrative duties. It also requires one to posses both strong leadership skills as well as strong managerial skills on a large scale. Health care administration is a career path that encompasses almost everything I am looking for in a career and much, much more.

A career in health care administration appeals to me for several reasons. This career appeals to me mainly because of the enormous impact it is capable of having on the community the facility is located in. Health care facilities are an intrical part of every community and the head of these facilities have the ability, through the actions they take and choices they make, to make a positive impact on their community. I also enjoy encouraging rehabilitation from the sidelines. Hands on patient care is not for me and this career allows for patient care without the hands on aspect.

Health care administrators have their place in acute care hospitals, laboratories, transitional care centers, assisted living homes and many more settings as well, however, my greatest interest in this career is within a skilled nursing facility. SNF’s, as a skilled nursing facility is often referred to as, serve two main purposes. They offer rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy services and they also offer long term care services for patients who require a more permanent setting. The administrators of these facilities are responsible for the complete...

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