Car Wash Project

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Despina Gavrili - Alexandris
Written by
George Giapitzoglou
Xristos Andreopoulos
A. Library Findings
One of the most common services, one can encounter of the today’s life is car washing services. All services has to follow a certain process (or else “script”) in order to deliver the service to the customer either he or she is a participant or an observant. Script is the sequential steps that a service takes, by combining human resources and equipment in order to deliver the service to the customer in an expected way (pg.62 McGraw-Hill). Therefore Mr. Allen Hansen of the Spotfree Car Wash LLC indicates from personal experience as an owner of a car wash survey that in order for a service script to be successful, it is the combined result contributed of how much the “roles” and “survey appearance” co-exists with the script (pg.28 The good, the bad, the ugly). “Roles are the combinations of social cues that guide and direct behavior in a given setting” (pg.62 McGraw-Hill) and all physical aspects of the survey (building condition and equipment), should reflect the same level of quality in order to create a harmonized image of the survey. By doing so the survey answers simultaneously at the customers’ expectations, shape consumer’s perception, and form customer’s relationship. Customers expectations varies from service to service pending on its type, external or internal factors that may influence customer’s expectations, and issues that directly affects customer service expectations. What majorly effects customer’s expectations depends on the customer’s needs and the variety of options that fits the customer’s desires are provided. Factors such as price of the service, word-of-mouth, recommendations, location of business operation formulates a status level of the business and create a bias expectation about the services process and outcome. For example, if the price is high, the specific car survey has build good reputation, and it takes place in a healthy (and wealthy) environment, one would expect to receive top notch receives throughout the process of receiving the service. In correspond to these factors the lower the price or quality, the less the expectations become. An important determinant of the customer expectations is the producers efforts to educate the customer to what to expect of the service. For example, Allen Hansen as an operator tries to be flexible with the advertisement and marketing by engaging in conversations with customers and ask them what they like or not about his facilities. Then based on customers likes or dislikes Hansen tries to elaborate advertisements that will appear appealing not only to his customers, but with the aim of attracting new too (pg.44 American Clean Car). Unlike customer expectations are formed through experience from other services and general information, consumers perception starts to take shape the moment the customer arrives at the place of delivery. Whether a customer seeks for full car washing services, either automatic or self-service wash, the first sight upon the facilities appearance are taken subconsciously from the customer and form what kind of treatment he is about to receive. The more appealing and well-maintained the facility appears, our consumer is more likely to develop faith in the quality of service. (pg. 28, The good, the bad, the ugly). There is a number of factors that take place in consumers perception. First, physical evidence and assurance are the first key elements the consumer perceives when entering the survey. “Landscaping, lawn care, building appearance, general cleanliness and lighting quality, quality of the vacuums, employees attires, and generally the washing equipment appearance, indicates whether the facility is well managed or not” (pg.28, The good, the bad, the ugly). Second, empathy and responsiveness. An employ should develop a type of comfort towards his customer and...
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