Capital Budgeting Techniques in Bangladesh

Topics: Developing country, Cyprus, Developed country Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Executive Summery
None of the countries are self-dependent in the world. Every nations need to import from abroad the required resources that might not have been adequately available within the country. However, import is the most primeval way of gratifying the famine portion of existing demand for products or services and accordingly, other nations for both monetary and trade maturity intention export the products to the needy population. GSP is the facility in exporting which aid this international business by implementing Duty Free access of fastidious goods to the precise importing nation. The rationale of the study is merely wisdom about the export system of Bangladesh that strongly relates with the Generalized System of Preferences. The GSP was established based on an economic theory that preferential tariff rates in developed country markets could promote export-driven industry growth in developing countries. By nature, it is an explorative study aiming at having an overview of the roles and contributions of GSP in export and economical reimbursement of Bangladesh. The main thematic issues covered by this study are export situations and activities of the country along with the GSP effect. Furthermore this study also aimed GSP admittance to explicit products and their contrast with the products exclusive of GSP with the list of countries which grants such benefits to Bangladesh in its export purpose. As a result, it reflects the significance of export with GSP. However, the report is found on export trade and the effect of GSP on it. Therefore, previous researches and studies are scrutinized under literature review part regarding this relevant issue. Several website and other pertinent reports & articles are studied and explored for data collection. Therefore it designates that it is a secondary information based report where inferior information are gathered and exploited. Conversely this report is an output of a descriptive study on the role of GSP in...
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