Canary Effect

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United Nations, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The Canary Effect
From watching the documentary, I learned that Native Indians lived in America long before Columbus ever arrived there. Columbus knew Indian Natives were giving people, but he called them “Savages” in his writings. I learned that Columbus took possession of parts of America by the name of the king or the queen. He actually did not discover America; the Indians already lived there around 12-15 million. How can you travel to someone country for the first time, and quote that you discovered it? I learned that Columbus’s crucial, and genocidal acts caused for more than 85% Native Indians. They hung 13 Natives at a time in honor of Christ our savoir and his 12 disciples. They forced the Christian Catholic religion on them as a message from God, burnt who denied it, fed them to dogs, or instant death. I learned that in 1948, the United Nations drafted a convention for the prevention of punishment of genocide. Some of these genocidal policies included killing every person in Native Indian reservations, to exterminate them all, and include the toddlers to, because someday they will grow to be Native Indians. They used to cut off their scalps, and sell them in California, and there were laws and policies that gave them full rights to do such thing. This caused for two thirds of the Native Indian population in California to decline. I learned that former president Andrew Jackson’s plan was to remove all Native Indian tribes from the South East. Their main concern was to prevent the growth of the English population. Such acts, gave them admission to use federal funds to sterilize Native Indian women, which meant that can’t have children any more. They took toddlers from their mother, and sent them to English boarding schools, which are hundreds of miles away from their homes. They gave them English names, turned them Catholic, and intended to erase their Native identities in any means.
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