Can One Be a Fulfilled Person without a Home?

Topics: Pliny the Elder, Homelessness, The Streets Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Rekita Shelton
September 25,2013

Topic: Can one be a Fulfilled Person without a Home
Essay #2 Draft
Every person has a place where they feel more comfortable than anywhere else. Home has different meanings. People differ on what home is. Every person has his or her own explanation on what home is. Pliny the Elder, a roman author and natural philosopher, once quoted that “home is where the heart is.” However Anna Quindlen, an American author once quoted that “home is everything.” Although it appears that home is everything, actually some millionaires that was once homeless, but now rich and fulfilled because the millionaire’s home wasn’t everything but Perry and Gadner were determined, overcame adversity and were survivors. One of the highest paid men in entertainment, Tyler Perry, is an example that having a home isn’t everything. Perry’s household didn’t bring positive attachments; Perry’s household brought fear due to abuse, which led him to living in his car. Even though he lived in his Geo Metro Perry was determined to become the actor he wanted to be, for example, he continued to work odd jobs, save money to debut his show, and kept staging shows even though success kept eluded him. However, Perry kept pursing his dream from in his car and he finally experience success. Like Perry, there was others who experience homelessness, some who had it worse than him, like for instance Chris Gadner. “Remember these are still people,” Gadner says.” They are not invisible. They each have a story.” Those are statements that Gadner made regarding the homeless. In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, Gadner and his son were left homeless living out in the streets with no place to go. Being homeless Gadner had hardships he was trying to overcome, for instance, he had to go through an internship for 6 months with no pay, Gadner didn’t know where the next meal was coming from or the next place his son and him...
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