Business Sustainability: Women as the Change Agents

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Business Sustainability: Women as the change agents
*Ms. Vidya Sampath & Ms. Husnain Sabah*

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Business sustainability signifies the ability to stay resilient to survive the uncertainty presented by this dynamic global market place and to optimally manage the financial, social and environmental threat, obligation and opportunity. These may be translated as the 3 P’s of Business Sustainability – Profits, People and Planet. According to the World Commission on Environment & Development (WCED), sustainable development is development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” With women comprising a major count in our population and their ability to have transformed themselves into an earning, contributing member of the economy has put them in a higher pedestal in the socio-economic stratification. This has in turn revolutionized the structure, processes, design, leadership and profits in organizations by adding a critical factor called – Diversity (gender), which has a significant correlation to the sustainability of the business as researched and shown by McKinsey. Between 1970 and 2009, women went from holding 37% of all jobs to nearly 48%. That’s almost 38 million more women. Without them, our economy would be 25% smaller today. GDP growth is driven by two factors—an expanding workforce and rising productivity. Today, nearly 80% of growth is related to productivity increases, according to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).


– Ralph Waldo Emerson, LeaderTranscendentalist movement Abstract This paper aims to recognize the potential of women employees in corporate sectors as change agents for business sustainability. As economy faces unmatched and increasingly urgent challenges associated with accelerating environmental change, resource scarcity together with rapid technological advancement, newer and challenging opportunities are merging rapidly for women in business. With current trends and patterns of growth the economy is facing exceptional challenges with complex and rapid changes parallel to social restructuring. This alarming change has opened the global business to the bare basic reality – Sustainability!!! This study addresses the factors of business sustainability in the dynamic global market, highlighting the following: 1) Do the women employees contribute constructively towards business sustainability? 2) Do women as change agents become a competitive advantage and have an impact on business, society and world at large?

* Asst. Professors, Department of Management Studies, Koshys Institute of Management Studies, Hennur Bagalur road, Bangalore – 562149 Email: cell : 9008002797/7760016953

Business Sustainability: Women as the change agents
*Ms. Vidya Sampath & Ms. Husnain Sabah*

To sustain the historic rate of GDP growth, MGI reports that we will need a combination of some workforce expansion and a burst of productivity—driven by innovation and operational improvements. Women are critical to both of these mentioned above. 1. Sustainability and Women The term sustainability has found itself a significant position in shareholders statement, companies’ annual reports, websites and boardroom conversations which is the outcome of an evolving need to change business strategy to synchronize with social, economic and environmental cause to survive and sustain business. Considering the above there is a sense of imperative need felt to confront these threats and challenges which has seen an increasing growth of opportunities for different societal stakeholders particularly women to engage. The success and profitability of business does not anymore depend only on consumers and its market share, it is also their ability to satisfy the social and environmental needs that creates greater value on a long term. This sensible balancing of their financial...

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* Asst. Professors, Department of Management Studies, Koshys Institute of Management Studies, Hennur
Bagalur road, Bangalore – 562149 Email: cell : 9008002797/7760016953
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