Business Plan

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Table of Contents
Section 1Introduction

Section 2Organization
Legal Structure
Management Team

Section 3Financial
Anticipated Operating Costs
Anticipated Investment Requirements
Anticipated Revenue
Three Year Estimated Return
Payback Point

Section 4Marketing
Product and Price of Inventory

Section 5 Operations
Daily Operations

Section 6 Legal

Section 7 Challenges

1. Introduction
This business plan describes a proposed venture to expand Buster’s from a one-store operation to two-store operation in a new office building opening two blocks away from the current location. Buster’s will be the neighborhood store for the corporate world catering to the busy needs of the office building’s occupants. We expect to be the only business of its kind in the new location and offer competitive pricing with personal customer service. Our cliental are mainly the building’s occupants and often frequent our shop for a quick bite to eat or just to say hello. We have come to know many of our customers on a first name basis. We will offer this same atmosphere at our new location and hope to quickly gain loyal customers. Description:

Buster’s is a small store located in the lobby of a large office building with a 1000 square foot floor plan. The inventory consist of a variety of popular items catering to the needs of the occupants of the building to include snacks, pre-wrapped sandwiches, beverages, greeting cards, newspapers, paperback books, and small gift items for last minute shoppers. The stores hours will complement the office building hours, opening 1 hour prior to business hours and closing 1 hour after business hours Monday-Friday averaging 12 hours per day. Buster’s does offer similar products as other stores in the local area of the building. What makes Buster’s unique is the location inside the building. Buster’s is located on the first floor lobby near the main entrance. During inclement weather occupants never have to leave the building to grab lunch or don’t have to go out of their way to pick up the last minute gift. We continuously listen to customer feedback and always have what they need in stock. Buster’s is 100% owned and operated by Ms. Marsha Jones and has been operational for four years currently bringing in $225,000 of annual revenue each year. Ms. Jones would use $43,130 of her personal savings and is seeking a loan for $20,000 to start up the second location. Aspirations:

The downtown business area is continuously opening new office buildings and Ms. Jones hopes to have a small corner in each, eventually having 10-15 Buster’s offering a convenient and friendly atmosphere to the building occupants. In the past five years convenient stores revenue grew at an annualized rate of 2.8% to total $57 billion. Although convenient store businesses face the challenge of the poor economy, the fact remains, people like convenience. The easier the better and Buster’s capitalizes on the need for convenience. Through networking with occupants in the office building and excellent relations with vendors, Ms. Jones is able to obtain the best price for her inventory allowing competitive prices that can’t be beat. 2. Organization

Owner: Marsha Jones
Ms. Jones will be the owner and primary operator of the business. She will be responsible for all aspects of the operations. Ms. Jones experience includes four years at her current business and 10 years previous in retail and management positions. She is fully proficient in inventory, business finance and marketing. Legal Structure: Sole Proprietorship

Management Team: Marsha Jones, Felix Smith, Grace Carter
Ms. Jones will oversee management of both locations, but will focus her attention on the new location the first year of operation. Mr. Smith will manage the original location....
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