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Using the interactive model of communication, explain the various parts of the model (sender, receiver, channel, noise, and so on) with regards to Joan and her staff when they use the computer program to check room status.

The different parts of the interactive model are sender, message, channel, noise, receiver and feedback (Chase et al., 2003).

In this case study, sender is the house-keeping staff, message is the cleaning status of the room, channel is the new booking and house-keeping system, noise is the malfunctioning of the software and receiver is Joan Struthers.

Senders of the message are house-keeping staff, who update the system as and when the rooms are cleaned. Channel is the new booking system which the housekeeping staff uses to update the status of the room. Message is the actual cleaning status of the room which is updated by the house-keeping staff in the system. Noise is the malfunction in the system which has caused an interruption at work. Joan is the receiver of this update who logs to find available rooms checking-in guest at Rural Retreat.

However, feedback which is an essential aspect of the interactive model is missing in this scenario. Feedback allows all involved in the communication process to ensure that message sent or received is accurate. In this situation, lack of feedback along with the presence of noise (system malfunction) has let to a breakdown in communication leading to an unpleasant situation with the guests.

It must be noted, that if any part of the interactive model is absent or doesn’t work efficiently, it will lead to a breakdown in communication. This can potentially have a negative impact on a business and its reputation.

In order to establish a successful communication at Rural Retreat, preventive measures must be taken to avoid further incidents. The house-keeping staff must understand the working of the system to be able to update it correctly. Messages sent need to be clear and concise so that...
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