Bucket List

Topics: Poverty, TheStart, Dreaming Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: November 10, 2014
I Have a Dream Speech
My first dream is to graduate from college. I’d like to graduate from college so when I try to start my second dream it’ll be a lot easier to get a job from an employer than it would be if I didn’t have a college degree. To achieve my dream I’ll have to study a lot harder than I’m doing now so I can actually accomplish this dream I can also achieve this dream by working hard and saving money so I can I don’t have a lot of debt after school and by just trying a lot harder in my academics. I could over come my obstacles by changing my bad habits of not studying and not giving all around effort in school. My second dream would be to start my own company. This is a dream because I’d love to be my own boss some day, boss people around, and be the one who makes all the decisions in which my company will or won’t do. I can achieve this dream by working hard and learning every thing I need to know to succeed in the field of business I want to pursue. The obstacles I could face are: not having proper education or the start up money for a company. I can overcome the obstacles by working hard, making money and learning everything I need to know to run and keep a business operating. My third dream would be to travel the world and see historical land marks. This is a dream because I like to travel and would like to go somewhere rather than just staying in the same place my whole life and doing the same thing day after day. I can achieve this dream by working hard and saving money so I’ll be able to afford to go.

My fourth dream would be to buy and restore my Grandpa Taylors 67 Chevelle. This is a dream because I never got to meet my Grandpa so fixing the car would be a connection we haven’t ever had other than our name and family members. I can achieve the dream by saving money and waiting till the current owner is willing to sell it or get rid of it. My fifth dream is to end all wars. This is a dream to me because wars are pointless and there is...
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