britains child beggars notes

Topics: Child, Begging, Infant Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: January 4, 2014
Britains child beggers

Everyday childeren are working on the streets begging for money. Slavery, organized crime, racism phone call to be shot. Mothers exploit their own children. Oxford street london, week borfore chritmas. Children are out at night with the women eatching their every move and then taking the money they make. Very young grl being cntolled by a women being continually forced and pushed to beg. Alice maes good money and all of it goes to the ‘minder’ looking out for her. This is her life she walks miles in the cold and the rain only 4 years old, she scavenges foor food in bins and uses telephone boxes as a tilet. Abusing children and babys to mae money, standing on street corners for hours and hours. Gave them 1 pound nly 9 and 7 from ‘romania’ . her mum said there from bulgaria and she has 4 kids with 2 small babies and no moey for milk or nappys. He asked shouldnt they be in bed asleep and she replied give me 20 for milk for baby please. Every night walk up and down until 1 – 2 o clock. Denyed educsatin health issues nutition issues denying childhood. Also grow up thinking this is the normal or only way to make a living and then not seeing a different pathway into getting a future, Also teenage begges nealy all gils, 14 one house small room. Lack ambition lack hope lack future Start the day at paddington statin central london and go meet up with the others minders at a fast food place for breakfast, some of the women with babies. When they come out, almost all of them are wearing a headscarf, including alice. They then head down to a market, where one of the women steas a head scarf. they favour the muslim clothing eve tho it appears their nationality is not muslim. One shop keeper explain this because one they dont speak arabix and two they speak romania, therfor they are clealy romanina. There not muslim they are gypses. They oretend their muslim because there are alot of arabc and then you feel soory for them and give them money. Many...
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