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What is a biome? It can be any number of places for example, the forest, desert, aquatic, grassland and tundra. These are just five different types of the world’s biomes but if you define a biome it is “a major communities, classified according to the predominat vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment.” The importance of biomes cannot be overestimated biome change and move many times, due to human activity. So for my paper I have chosen Aquatic biome and explain the how humanity has affected it. What makes up a biome, what type of animals live their and what plats are there.

So explaining how humanity has affected the aquatic biome, for starters we’d relied on the oceans for food, as a waste dump, for recreation, for economic opportunities and so on. However, it’s not only our activities in the marine environment that affect life in the sea it’s also the things we do on land. With more than half the world’s population now living off the coast, it’s not surprising that our activities are taking their toll. Human impacts have increased with our population. Over-fishing, pollution and introduced species are affecting life in the sea.

Moving forward on what makes up a biome, it can be as simple as the coral, microorganisms, invertebrates, fishes, sea urchins, octopuses, and sea stars. That simply produces photosynthesis, just like our plants on land. And also by extending tentacles to obtain plankton from the water, this is something we will never be able to see. This biome also supports other types of water land; such as ponds, lakes, streams and river.

The aquatic biome is the largest out of the five biomes, is divided into two categories, freshwater and saltwater. The aquatic biome makes up 75 percent of the planet. The plants occupy are Pondweed is an aquatic plant that comprises about fifty species of Potamogetonaceae. It can be found in ponds, lakes and slow moving streams across the US. You also...
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