Biggest Drug Dealer in Southern Cali

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Criminal law Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Thomas “Tootie” Reese

Thomas Reese was a big time drug lord located on the eastside of Los Angeles California. Thomas Reese had a nickname, Tootie. Tootie Reese was also a gang member from PJ Watts Crips which are also known as Project Watts Crips. PJ’s were founded on the eastside of Los Angeles better known as Watts. Imperial Courts Housing Projects was and still are considered their homeland. Reese started selling cocaine and heroin in 1965. Being that cocaine and heroin were addicting drugs, it didn’t take long before addicts in Los Angeles area to become strung out. Witnessing this damage being made, dollar figures were staidly increasing for Reese and his drug selling crew. All until Greene and Brown, two undercover special agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, put a complete stop to Reese and his crew. June of 1983, Greene and Brown, contacted one of Reese helpers by the name of Kevin Morgan. The officers inquired into the possibility of establishing a regular connection for the purchase of cocaine, in a local gym in Los Angeles California. Reese was unsure about Greene and Brown. He felt they were officers. Once the officers started to present large amounts of money, demanding and purchasing large qualities of cocaine, all negative thoughts with Reese disappeared. From that very moment, transactions started to become a normal routine. Reese began expressing certain pieces of information concerning his drug dealing business and feeling more comfortable with the officers.

Maybe a little too comfortable, months later Greene and Brown had enough to arrest Reese and his crew for drug possession with intent to distribute and distribution of cocaine. Other charges Reese faced were, unlawful possession firearm in violation of penal code 1202(a)(1982)(counts 23 and 24); unlawful use of communication facility, in violation of penal code 843(b)(1982)(counts 16-20). The ending results for Reese was convicted for conspiracy to...
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