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Focus on and Review all class notes over the books Samuel – Nehemiah Review the OT Survey Timeline handout (Part 2) that was placed on Blackboard (at beginning of semester). Note the time line, and many important dates from these books

1-2 Samuel:
Authorship possibilities
Know the three primary characters of 1 Samuel
Know which book has the reign of Saul, introduces David, has the reign of David Focus on David’s reign: in Hebron, in Jerusalem
His success, sin, and family tragedies
1-2 Kings
Proposed authorship
Note the emphasis on spiritual decline in the books
Focus on Solomon’s reign, his wisdom and his failures
Focus on the division of the kingdom into a divided monarchy Rehoboam and Jeroboam: Who made Israel sin? How?
Focus on characters in the Ahab and Elijah narratives
Note the fall of Samaria and Jerusalem: dates? Fell to which countries? Note key individuals in Jerusalem leading up to the fall of that city What key prophets were involved with these later kings?

How many Deportations? When? By whom? To where?
1-2 Chronicles
Title (Hebrew and Greek, i.e. English translation of)
Proposed authorship
Purpose of books
Distinction from Samuel and Kings, where the books overlap
Author, his occupation
Purpose of the book
The three Returns
Date of each
Leader of each
Purpose of each
Where the book of Esther fits in Ezra
The prophets who are mentioned: Haggai, Zechariah, and their message Esther
Historical setting
Identity of Esther, her relation to Mordecai
Other key characters of the book
Purpose of the book
His occupation
His accomplishment
His contemporary prophet, Malachi
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