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Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Saint Francis House Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: January 6, 2014
If I were given $10,000 to better my community, I would use it to set out on a new path and investing in my life. I would set out to purse my life’s dreams. If I were given $10,000 to better my community I would, build schools, mosques/church, donate food and clothes to the needs. Build home for the homeless. Build a community school service for the elders who are English learners. It would be the best opportunity to build homes to the poor. I would also donate to local food pantry or homeless shelter. Seek out organizations which require volunteer medical staff to help with the homeless.

If I were given the chance to improve my community, I would try to build a safe haven for youth from violence, gangs, and etc. With the recent outbreak of violence, I feel that my community especially would benefit by having a recreation center that would have activities, gym equipment, and studio equipment that would occupy the time of youth and put their energy to good use. The rec. center could also offer education opportunities as well, such as tutors, online courses, GED classes, job placement, college/university enrollment, and much more. Youth don’t only need help in their social life but we need help with our education endeavors as well. If this could come true, I would be the first to donate ALL of my spare time to the cause, because WE ARE STILL THE FUTURE!!! To better my community, I would shop at store that are affiliated with charities and or donate to a percentage of their profits to worthwhile causes. Built home for orphanages and help them grow up. I would make a better community by telling others how about just a smile or hello? Doesn’t cost a penny but it’s infectious!
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