Benefit Types

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Benefit Types
Cassandra Harris
Patricia Zindler
Benefit Types
The benefits offered by a Human Service organization are significant. For example The National Coalition for the Homeless has a few different types of educational programs. One of their most effect programs is Outreach Runs. This program allows groups to bring and distribute socks, hotel size toiletries and bottled water to those living in parks and on the streets. In winter, groups bring clothing like thermal underwear, socks, gloves, hats, and jackets ("National Coalition for the Homeless", 2014). When evaluating the benefits of this program, it is important to look to see whether or not the benefits offered relate to the social issues that need to be addressed in these situations or that the organization is addressing the needs of those they wish to serve. Within this program the services offered are that groups of people donate 60 dollars and meet at the NCH office to receive a brief introduction to the program and homelessness issues before going out to distribution areas and distributing many different necessity’s that the homeless need ("National Coalition for the Homeless", 2014).  These supplies go directly to the homeless in order to address the social problem at hand, and by fulfilling NCH’s mission of giving the homeless tools needed to succeed. This program influences their long-term goal of trying to put an end of homelessness because by providing these items gets them closer to this goal. If this organization didn't provide programs like this, it might take even longer because this program involves groups of people rather than one person doing it. This organization's program provides both an effective and efficient use of their resources. They provide these services and goods with compassion to those they serve while showing the community how difficult it is to be homeless. Volunteers can come from all over the U.S. to help these people while learning...
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