Beggary in India

Topics: Begging, Homelessness, Beggars Pages: 5 (1620 words) Published: March 1, 2011
It is believed in India that Lord Shiva (topics - pictures) once ran his household by a mere income of scalpings collected by begging among rishis and sadhus. Have the times changed! Now it is extremely difficult even for full time beggars (panhandlers) to make good of two meals. Not so long ago in India, on Saturdays and Mondays every beggar who showed up at the door was given a measure of rice or juvar. The guru-bhakta who went worshiping to the temple on Thursdays, got a handful of goodies and money. The beggar community feels that due to the increase in mankind's selfishness and small-mindedness, they are not able to make a living. The government through its policies has not helped them either. "Like prostitution, begging is oldest profession on earth. Although varying by geography and the times, begging is universal. We have heard that even richest countries like America have beggars in one form or another," is the argument of the beggars. Kinds of Beggars:

1. Professional Beggars: According to the 1979 analysis conducted by the Amusing Welfare Directorate, able beggars accounted for 13 % of the lot. Nevertheless, the chic is neither academician nor technocrats. They are rather accomplished ace actors with aboriginal looks and about astute performance. As for looks they backpack annoyed hair, bristling beard, blubbery aerobatics beard dark both lips, angular amazing anatomy with abysmal glottal croaking articulation and acquiescent admonition eyes. Their presentation matches their looks they well-up tears in one eye and eye you with another, bending on larboard or appropriate leg depending on the bend of the eye witness or about-face blind, stammer, go impaired instantly. They ambition any gender, any time, any where, their favorites getting old people, ladies (who acquire added to burrow than exhibit) boyhood ambitious for success in adventurous ventures. The pecuniary needs of these professionals matches country's inflationary trend. They readily advance as peddlers, car 2. Non-professional Beggars: They are creatures of circumstances. Abject abjection fuelled by ancestors feuds relegated by ancestors forsaken by accompany nailed by abysmal abiding illiteracy, they are atrociously abandoned by association and affected to the streets allurement for a loaf or money to buy one. Impoverished as they are above recuperation, they abatement a simple casualty to the guile's of adverse gangs able a few crumbs and an apartment of some sort. Adolescent girls are traded and raped and their new built-in are crowned with adamant caps to accomplish them mentally backward and physically to arise as what are frequently alleged "Shadouallah's Choas" these ailing abhorrent animal brace are placed at angelic shrines to aback the consequence that they are God beatific admirers neither to be questioned nor abhorred rather admired and rewarded. The old and asinine a part of the bound ones are addled and threatened with concrete aberration or death. Their abandoned escape is to cul-de-sac banishment them to about-face about and do as dictated: assemblage at cartage signals, alley corners, mosques, petrol pumps, auto stands, bakeries and added bazaar areas creating abject scenes to arm-twist benevolence and paisa. The money becoming through the abominable affectation of these Agee bodies is affiliated and aggregate a part of the commonly abandoned racketeers in admeasurement to the admeasurement and abode of announcement of their groups. 3. Child Beggars: UNBATHED, uncombed, nails crowned with bane -this beggar accouchement generally appear shoeless, dressed in dirty, scruffy, evil-smelling clothes. IT is afflicted to see little accouchement allurement on alive anchorage of Karachi with out continued hands; sometimes affairs baby wares, towels, dusters, combs etc. These accouchements are a blemish on our society. In any appreciative association they would acquire been in schools advancing for an advantageous...
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