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Institute Of Business Management

Ma’am Urfi Khalid

Section: C
Group Members:
Farzeen Rais (14603)
Hafsa Dhanani (14132)
Muhamad Yousuf
Waqar Amin
Zayn Asrani

December 16, 2012

Ms. Urfi Khalid
Course Instructor
Pakistan Studies
Institute of Business Management

Here is my term report on influence of western culture on the social behavior of youth of Pakistan, which was to be submitted on December 12, 2012.

I greatly benefited from this report. It has helped in broadening my vision, improving my analytical skills, building self-reliance and getting an actual experience of what I have learnt throughout the semester. I hope it is up to your expectations and fulfils all the requirements provided by you.

I would dearly & sincerely like to thank you for the belief you showed in my capabilities and the support you gave throughout the semester & in assigning the report. This truly helped me in the learning process & also gave firsthand experience about the cement sector.

Yours sincerely,
Farzeen Rais
Hafsa Dhanani
Muhamad Yousuf
Waqar Amin
Zayn Asrani

Our report discuses the most asked question in Pakistan i.e. “Beggary – A Need or Profession?” In the Third World, beggars are not an uncommon sight. Children and adults alike, with pitiable faces, a limb or two chopped off or a gouged out eye or perhaps a pus-filled wound, they can be seen everywhere- tapping on car windows at traffic lights, outside religious places, on pavements. So much has this problem inflated, that even the government has officially recognized “beggary” as an industry contributing towards country’s national income!!! However, what does not meet the eye, is the force behind this ever escalating problem of beggary, the organized “Beggar Mafia”, which can go at any lengths to safeguard their selfish interests; not even hesitating to hurt or maim the young, the elderly and the children alike, if it increases their chances of “earning” more. Perhaps this would be the worst kind of capitalists ever to walk on this planet! According to our research and available secondary data, Beggary has become a profession in which one losses self respect, extends hands in front of others and begs for only few coins and his or her self respect is flatten. Beggary has increased at an un-predictable rate in Pakistan. Many of them are absolutely fine and healthy and they can easily do any work by their hands and can earn worth, but the problem is, they have adapted begging as a profession. The report aims to determine the reasons behind this highly popular profession, the effects it causes on the society, and the steps taken by the government to eliminate professional beggary from our society. This report is totally based on secondary data. The main reasons behind this profession which we have included in our report are Economic causes includes poverty, loss of employment and under-employment, and lucrative business, Social causes includes family disorganization, lack of parental control, and social custom, biological cause includes sickness or disease, physically disabled or infirm, mentally deficient, and old age. Consequences of professional beggary in Pakistan are immense: Beggars substantially worsen the image of the Pakistan in tourists' eyes. In this way it effects on the economy as well as society of Pakistan. Beggary not only causes street crimes but also immense crimes like murder, kidnapping and etc. this creates another very important consequence that the report highlights is the economic cost associated in elimination of these crimes. Annually, the funds allocated to deal with crime cases project a drain on the economic resources of Pakistan, and impede its development. This has detrimental effects on a developing country like Pakistan at the cost of reduced GDP and overall economic efficiency....
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