Bangladesh National Budget Analysis

Topics: Public finance, Private sector, Industry Pages: 47 (16920 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Letter of Transmittal:
12th August, 2012
Muhammad Enamul Haque
Assistant Professor
School of Business and Economics
United International University

Subject: Submission of the term paper on “Analysis of Bangladesh National Budget For the FY 2012-13”

Here is the term paper on “Analysis of Bangladesh National Budget 2012-13”, which you have assigned us in order to get a clear understanding over Bangladesh National Budget for FY2012-13. We have tried our best to gather all kinds of relevant information, which could give us an overall concept of this topic. We have studied the Budget speech 2012-13 by the Finance minister of Bangladesh and the CPD budget reaction for preparing this term paper. We hope that it will meet our expected standard.

We have enjoyed the report very much. Especially, the given class lecture on this course helped us a lot and made the hard work easier. We are submitting this term paper for your kind consideration and thanking you for your constant assistance and guidance.

Sincerely yours,
On behalf of our Group

Md. Marufur Rahman
ID# 111101116

Table of Content:

Letter of Transmittal:i
Table of Content:ii
Executive Summary:v
1.0 Introduction:1
2.0 Bangladesh National Budget 2012-13 Structure:2
3.0 Reform Programs:4
4.0 Some Key Sectors:5
4.1 Power & Energy Sector:5
4.2 Agriculture:7
Fisheries And Livestock:8
Food Security:8
Water Resources:9
Rural Development:9
4.3 Human Resource Development:10
Overall Education Sector:10
Primary and Mass Education:11
Health and Family Welfare:12
Youth and Sports:13
4.4 Physical Infrastructure:14
Roads and Bridges:14
Water Transportation15
Civil Aviation16
Housing and Planned Urbanization16
4.5 Industrialization:17
Investment by public sector:17
Export oriented Sectors:17
Small and Medium Enterprises:18
Quality Control:19
The Tourism Industry:19
Sugar Mills:19
4.6 Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management:20
4.7 Digital Bangladesh:21
Information and Communication Technology (ICT):21
Power and Energy:21
Union Information and Service Center:22
E-Governance, E-Commerce & E-Postal Service:22
Expansion Internet and Telecommunication Service:22
5.0 Public Welfare:23
6.0 Good Governance:24
7.0 Revenue Sector:26
Income Tax:26
Overall Fiscal Measures:30
Indirect Tax:31
Other Miscellaneous Measures:32
Industrial Sector:33
Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Management:35
Rural Development:35
Local Government:36
Social Sector:36
Gender Dimension:37
Children Orientation:38
Social Safety Net Programs (SSNPs):38
Reforms and Policy Initiatives:39
8.0 Impact Summary of National Budget 2012-13:39
9.0 Increased Product Prices in National Budget 2012-13:40 10.0 Decreased Product Prices in National Budget 2012-13:41 11.0 Final Analysis :42
12.0 Conclusion:43
13.0 Reference:44

Executive Summary:
In every sort of life, whether it is personal life, business or for a government; preparing budget is an important tool to perform the actual financial action effectively and efficiently. It helps the budget developer to plan certain future financial strategies. Bangladesh is a democratic country. For every government, it is compulsory to prepare the national budget at the beginning of each fiscal year. Bangladesh national budget 2012-13 is the financial blueprint of the governmental revenues and expenditures during the fiscal year 2012-13. In Bangladesh national budget 2012-13, it is estimated that the total revenue collection will be Tk.1, 39,670 crore, whereas the total expenditure will be Tk.1,...
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