Audience Analysis Report

Topics: Hunger, Malnutrition, Starvation Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Audience Analysis ReportMalyssa Moore
Speech 101

For my first question, “How do you feel about world hunger and how it affects our planet as a whole?”, most of the audience answered that it was sad. They also said if they could help change it they would. For my second question, “Do you wish that you could help prevent children from having malnutrition and dying from starvation?”, everybody in the audience answered yes to that. For my third question, “Do you know how many people are affected by malnutrition and starvation ever year?”, and a majority of people said no. For my fourth question, “Do you know how little it costs to save a life?”, and I would say about half said yes and about half of the audience said no. Finally, for my fifth question, I asked the audience “Do you think that fundraising programs and charities for world hunger are useful?” A large majority of the class said yes. So as you can see the audience does not have a lot of background information on charities trying to prevent world hunger. My delivery style is going to be persuasive but with a sympathetic edge. I want the audience to feel how I feel about this topic, sympathetic and motivated to help! By presenting my speech this way I’m hoping that I can get my audience to be motivated to either donate their time or money to a charity network helping support hungry people and especially hungry children. For my supporting materials I’m going to use a lot of harsh statistics to help give them an idea of how big this issue really is. I also want them to understand it is not just the poor countries of the world. It’s every country of the world.
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