Attachment Theory

Topics: Attachment theory, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: September 11, 2013
In this essay I have selected 3 different theories, which will focus on human growth development theories, I will demonstrate my understanding of each theory and explain the psychological disturbances which are linked to each one and demonstrate how these theory can be off use to the counsellor in therapy.

John Bowbly (1969) and Mary Ainsworths (1974) known, as the mother and father of attachment theory both became key figures in contributing to child development, with their ideas of personality development, together they changed the views of childcare practice and how mothers, reared their children, his views greatly influenced society, by identifying that a child first relationship was very important as this would effect them for the rest of their lives. Bowlby (1969) and Ainsworth (19740 described "Attachment as a deep, and enduring bond that connects one person to another across time and space." (Ainsworth, 1976: Bowbly, 1969),

The development of attachment over the last 50 years has also benefited practitioners , nurses parents as it has given them a useful insight into interpersonal relationships and the understanding that pass negative experiences with care givers is damaging to a childens emotional and psychological we'll being.

Attachment theory has been proven to be very effective method used in psychotherapy because it is a very useful tool for counsellors, as it helps the counsellor to focus on relevant information and tells them what to look for descriptions of characteristics and can predict certain behaviour in certain settings, This theory can also help to identify problems and it can help to assist clients in effective modification of their behaviour , thoughts, how you react emotionally to things and events and interpersonal relations as it serves as a foundation for understanding the development of ineffective coping strategies and the underlying dynamics of the person emotional difficulties,

Bowbly,(1907) was the first...
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