Assignment 2 SOc 300

Topics: World Bank, United Nations, Health Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 15, 2014
I choose Rwanda as my developing country to write about and explore their health care, lending institutions and human capital system structure. Developing countries such as Rwanda lack what we in the United States take for granted as basic necessities. Rwanda is capable of overcoming the poor quality of life that it has grown accustomed to if the help they are receiving is allocated, dispersed and tracked accordingly. Rwanda is seen as a development model that other countries should mirror; they remain focused on the results of their labor and continue to show eagerness toward their global recognition. Financial Institutions such as the World Bank and IMF primaries focus is designed with one goal in mind; to assist developing countries attack their poverty levels head on. Rwandan lending institutions, health care and human capital infrastructure is essential to providing an overall basic life free of poverty stricken, disease infected, and financially poor country. After the conclusion of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Rwanda was considered a failed state drowning in an unmatched state of poverty and chaos. The effects of the genocide destroyed what little financial, health care and human capital infrastructure that Rwanda had already established. The 1994 genocide eliminated an already fragile economic system, which posed insurmountable challenges while trying to rebuild and attract any potential private investors to fund the non-existent infrastructure. In reviewing Rwanda and its past, present and future current state affairs it’s clear that the focus must be on all three (lending, healthcare and human capital) entities to build an infrastructure and surpass the negative connotation of it being a third world country with little to no growth for its citizens. If the bureaucratic nonsense will take a back seat and focus solely on the health, welfare and restructuring any designated third world impoverished country we should see great accomplishments comparable to...

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