Assignment 2

Topics: Recycling, Ship breaking, Waste management Pages: 5 (1871 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Assignment -2

Assessment 2: individual coursework assignment
this task is about demonstrating your understanding of the construction of significant international maritime policies and the difficulties in ensuring they achieve their safety objectives. The task for you to carry out is:

Identify a significant international maritime policy or amendment to existing policy introduced by the IMO or the European Commission during the last decade (2004-2014) that in your view has created controversy among the international maritime community and why;

2. State the rationale behind the policy and its objectives; 3. Say if the objectives were met and if not why not
Word limit = 1500
Appendices are allowed as extra words (for diagrams and illustrations) You should use the module material available to you together with your own experience and research. Carrying out additional research is highly recommended as this will help you to digest the topic. Although this is a piece of individual work, you can exchange ideas and information with your syndicate colleagues. Mark Allocation:

[1] Identification of policy and understanding of controversy 20% [2] Identification of rationale behind the policy and its objectives 20% [3] Identification of any unintended side-effects produced by the policy.5% [4] Reconstruction of the policy – How you would modify the policy to correct the controversy – discussion and proposed textual changes to the policy 40%

[5] The impact of the current policy on shipping companies to date and how your proposed changes would improve the situation 15%.

Ship Recycling is a very innovative concept where everything used onboard a ship will be reused after its life span. It is also known as Green Industrial concept towards energy and resources conservation. Based on this concept, there introduced “Green Passport” theory for ships. What is Ship Recycling: Ships usually has average life span of 30 years. This required scrapping of ships and availability of so called ship’s graveyards which can earn some revenue to the ship owners due to recycling of ships as a property. This implies to safe dismantling of ships for reusing its steel, machinery, equipments after end of its life span for other various industrial uses such as steel industry, engines, furniture’s etc which supports local industrial growth, employment, revenue and national economy. Around 70% of the scrap yard facilities are located in South Asia which includes Bangladesh, India, China and Pakistan. The availability of relaxation in environmental laws, good scrap yard business environment, developing economy and abundance of labour force was the reason of natural choice of growing business in these regions. CONCERN

Environmental, health and safety standards in this industry especially method of beaching etc used during ships recycling process. It has been found that the ship recycling is imposing great threat to environment due to presence of hazardous materials onboard the ship which cannot be recycled efficiently in these ship recycling yards and handled unsafely. This is causing potential damage to the environment and health of workers involved in this industry. The presence of hazardous material like asbestos, metal parts, hydrocarbons, CFC, toxic chemicals, sludge, oil spills and toxic gases is prudent in these yards during ship recycling without any hazardous waste management plan and knowledge. There has been observed lack of decontamination prior arrival of ships and later safe waste disposal. Often environment and human are exposed to these non recycled wastes. Also work related injuries are raised during whole lengthy dismantling process and it has been considered as a dumping ground of waste. As per ILO, working at ship recycling yards is considered most dangerous.

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