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Ben jonson’s volpone is a savage and dark satire as well as a insatiable appetite of the era

of 17th century .Here jonson also portrays the picture of social conflict with a reflection

of capitalist society through the women character with a comic satire. On the other hand

Nurul alam atique a flim maker and script writer shows us a hardship of middle class

family by his movie ‘Dubsatar’ .He also reflects the struggle of a female character who

tries to making existence against the never ending crisis in this male dominated

society .though ben jonson and Nurul alam atique are the writer of two different

ages but we found some compare and contrast regarding the treatment and presentation

of women in volpone and dubsatar .

Women and men have always had conflicting differences since the beginning of time and

fought against a male dominated society in order to achieve a more equal standing

it also influences both dubsatar and volpone women were dominated by men.In the era of

17th century England where women lives were different than those of women

today .In the play of Ben jonson we see the truth image of women’s position. They are

already pegged into a stereotypical rules such as they didn’t have any control of her own .

they often treated as commodities by their husband as well as used like a tool that helps

their husband for further economic growth .Husband of celia treats her far less like a lady

far more like a prisoner as well as she was treated to her husband as a property .

They also believe that their wives have they can do make his life better .So when

calia refuses prostitute herself the only thing corvino says

"if you be loyal and mine,

be won respect my venture".(Act iii scene ii).

when volpone attempt to rape celia with her husband consent but the court case directly

in favour of man that’s cause volpone off and all testimony goes to celia was unfaithful

and this is also the real picture of women in that society.On the other side in the movie

dubsatar we see Renu the protagonist of the film a divorced girl of middle class family

living and existence is mostly for the people where she surrounded by, also a victim of

male dominated society .like a divorcy girl renu makes her world of his own. Though she

has fredoom to work outside of the world but she has to face many impediment by the

people of her society . when she get her self involved in a affair with imran .people start

to slander her even her mother starts to scold her.renu”s localboy teases her to saying that:

“Invite us as well .Localboys shall have special preferences ! we will go and spend the

night with renu”(Dubsatar.2010)

Here we see that both in volpone and dubsatar women are treated roughly into the male

counter part of society.

Every women have intense love for her lover that has never endings.In this part we see

that both Celia and Renu love their male partner blindly .They do what ever they like.So

volpone and dubsatar contribute to highlight the similarity between them .Celia was

faithful and loyal to her male partner. Celia’s love was likely to unbound to her huband

corvino but corvino fails to know her beloved . Its really to be immeasurable to count

how could a women love a cruel ,when corvino tries to convince celia to sleep with

volpone then celia tells her husband :

Sir kill me rather. I will take down poison

Eat burning coals ,do anything-
(Act ii.scene iii)

On the other side Renu in dubsatar dared to sink for the sake of love ,her inner feelings

and emotion for her lover proves the purity of love see a dream of new hope for future

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