America’s Shame: the Chronicle of Higher Education

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Poverty is unfortunately a worldwide issue. What responsibility do we have to help the rest of the world with their issues of poverty, as well as our own? If we honestly think about reducing poverty, how will the world benefit? How will the US benefit?

Peter Singer is the author of the article “America’s Shame: The Chronicle of Higher Education." He completed this article on May 13, 2009. The author's intention is to show America's true and current role, as a developed country, in the decline of poverty. Per Singer (2009), "Education seems to be the key to eradication of poverty. I have in mind a broad re-envisioning of what we teach." He is of the opinion that every educational course should focus on a particular global problem. Singer (2009), "Psychology courses could take up the factors that limit our willingness to give to distant strangers. Engineers might increase the amount of class time they devote to how their skills can be applied to assist the world's poorest people." He emphasizes more on the education sector helping to alleviate poverty. Impression 1 Fact Singer (2009, America's Shame)

"There are1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. The World Bank defines extreme poverty as not having enough income to meet the most basic human needs (food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, health care, or education). Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund, estimates that nearly 10 million children under 5 die each year from causes related to poverty. That's 27,000 a day -- a football stadium full of young children, dying every day." Impression 2 Emotion and Fact

Education is without a doubt a central factor in the battle against poverty. Education needs be accessible to both the rich and the poor in developed and undeveloped countries. Lack of knowledge and nation development is among some of the factors that bring about poverty. Education is also important in increasing human resources. This will help in producing more assets. Impression 3...

References: Singer (2009) America 's Shame, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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