Topics: Homelessness, Poverty Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: November 5, 2012
In society, we find that certain types or groups of people that do not fit a particular standard are usually turned away, often times, making them feel alienated. A person walking down the street who appears to be homeless is looked at and treated differently than that of a man or women wearing a business suit carrying a briefcase. We may not recognize it at this time, but pushing certain people aside, forces others to rely and associate with people of their “own kind,” causing alienation.

Without knowing the situations or circumstances, society as a whole tends to view homeless as being that of a low status, not wanting to interact with “these people,” therefore alienating them. When approaching a homeless person the first reaction for some would be to cross the street to avoid them, because we have this stereotypes that all homeless people are drunks, drug addicts, or criminals. All that is seen is a beat up coat, a ragged and worn face, and an odor that is not that of candles and expensive perfumes. These misconceptions have traveled through society since homeless people have been around. For all we know they could have been doctors, lawyers, and other people viewed by society as high class, but because of their appearance and society’s idea of what homeless people are, they are treated completely different. What makes one person better than the next? A person that doesn’t live in a home or have their next meal already made is alienated to the point that he or she is not good enough to live in our society and to be accepted for who they are. Little by little we can change the way society works, making those who do not reach certain standards feel left behind. Next time you pass a person on the side of the streets that you feel is inferior to you, pause and think about things in your life that you are ashamed of. At what point would you ever ask another person for money or dig in a garbage can for food. Ask yourself these simple questions before...
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