Agenda 21 Essay

Topics: Sustainability, United Nations, United States Pages: 4 (1643 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Ask any school kid what happened in 1492. Columbus sailed the ocean blue, of course. What about 1776? You get the idea. Some events are important enough to be seen for centuries as turning points in history. What will future generations remember about 1992? Bill Clinton's election? Hardly. They will remember an event that far too many Americans don't even know occurred -- UNCED, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. They won't remember that UNCED was the largest environmental gathering in the history of the world; they will remember that Agenda 21was adopted by most of the world's nations. They will look at 1992 as the year the world agreed to balance future economic development with environmental protection, and empowered the United Nations to be in charge. Agenda 21 is the blueprint adopted to guide the balance. By the end of the century, Agenda 21 may well exceed the Bible as the sacred text around which global societies are organized. Already, its recommendations are being quoted like scripture by environmental missionaries sent out by Green Advocacy Groups (GAGs), on missions much like Paul and Silas' in biblical times. The plan is not to conquer the world, but to convert the world. The first step in converting any sinner is to make the sinner recognize his sins and feel a profound sense of guilt for them. Salvation comes only by abandoning sinful ways and turning to the straight and narrow path of enlightened sustainability. It's sinful to cut trees. It's sinful to build a house outside the urban-sprawl boundary. It's sinful to dig a ditch across a wetland. It's sinful to burn fossil fuel. It's sinful to run over a kangaroo rat. It's sinful to make a profit. It's sinful to hurt someone's feelings by outperforming them. This is the gospel that a generation of school children has been taught. It is preached every day from the bully pulpit in the White House. It is taught every day in our schools. It is amplified in...
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