Advocacy Role

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Advocate Role
Case Management BSHS 401
July 3, 2013

Advocate Role

The role of an advocate in the human service field comes with many essential duties. A. E. Barsky explains advocacy to be the job of inspiring decision making that affects the wellbeing of someone in need. An advocate is unlike a mediator who is a neutral party to a situation; he or she is working for the benefit of his or her client or clients (2007). An advocate will work with individuals to have a voice on their own, or to be the voice representing his or her client. In this paper advocacy will be discussed while focusing on the individual population of the homeless. Explained will be the problems these individuals face as well as how to meet those challenges.

According to Volume 1 of the 2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, “On a single night in 2012 there were 633,782 homeless people in the United States, including 394,379 who were homeless as individuals and 239,403 people who were homeless in families (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2012)”. A major issue facing these individuals includes chronic homelessness. Chronic homelessness occurs when someone has experienced homelessness for more than a year or four or more times in a three year period. These individuals are among the most exposed in the homeless population. Many of these individuals tend to have mental illness, substance abuse, physical illness, and behavioral issues.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development research shows that stable housing is critical for success in conquering this problem. One attempt at meeting those challenges is to provide a permanent supportive housing program that includes permanent housing united with rehabilitation through medical and mental health services as well as employment and educational services. Permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals would prove to be a less...

References: Barsky, A. E. (2007). Conflict resolution for the helping professions (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Brooks/Cole.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2012). Volume 1 of the 2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report. Retrieved from
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