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ACCT 203: Section 1 Essay Instructions

The Issue: You are a partner in Acme Accounting PSC and as such are considering how to respond to a letter written to you by “Bob” a new client. In his letter, he stated that he heard that there are two ways he can identify cost in the normal course of his construction business operations. He would like two know what they are, the major differences between them and which one best fits his business in terms of performance analysis. Your partners have asked you to respond via letter. The Format: Using the letter template provided on page two of this file, write a letter to “Bob.” Your letter should not exceed one page and should use the Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion format. Type your name in the signature block, rename the file, and attach it in the appropriate drop-box.

Acme Accounting PSC
1234 Accurate Drive
Classificationville, WA 98532
Dear Bob,
Dear Bob,
Thank you for choosing me and our team Acme Accounting PSC. We will try our best to helping your company’s accounting and financial needs. For our cooperation responsibility relationship, we should be responsibility, honest and ethical manner to process our cooperation. The two ways for construction business operations which is Job order cost systems and process cost system, they both from cost accounting systems. Job order cost system provides product costs for each quantity of product that is manufactured. It often used by companies that manufacture custom products for customers or batches of similar products. Process cost system provides product costs for each manufacturing department or process. Process cost systems are often used by companies that manufacture units of a product that are indistinguishable from each other and are manufactured using a continuous production process. Let’s me explain you the different between job order cost...
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