Access to Health Care Utilization by Immigrants: Testing of an Empirical Model

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Research paper in focus
Does access to care still affect health care utilization by immigrants? Testing of an empirical explanatory model of health care utilization by Korean American immigrants with high blood pressure (Song, et al., 2010) Research question

The research was aimed to study the extrapolative capability of the health care utilization model by exploring the interaction of predisposing, enabling, and need factors and their effects on health care utilization of Korean American immigrants (KAIs) with high blood pressure. Research hypothesis tested in this study

On the basis of Andersons’ behavioural model approach (Anderson, Behavioral model of families’ use of health services , 1968), the initial model framework was developed on the basis of the assumption that individuals’ use of health service is affected by three main factors, namely predisposing factors, enabling factors, and their need for care. The predisposing factors taken into consideration were years of residence in the US and competing life priorities; these were hypothesized to affect health care utilization both directly and indirectly (through their effect on enabling and need factors), since competing life priorities of KAIs can be one of main reasons why the people make delays in seeking healthcare (Han, Kim, Kang, Jeong, Kim, & Kim, 2007). Need factors, like HBP (high blood pressure) -relevant medical history and self-reported clinical symptoms, were hypothesized to exert a direct influence on health care utilization (Bae, Yoo, Yoon, & Kim, March 2002). Apart from these, enabling factors like health insurance and perceived income were hypothesized to play a significant role (Anderson, Revisiting the behavioural model and access to medical care : does it matter?, 1995). Study design employed in the study

The study design employed in the study was observational, i.e. non-experimental, implying there was no targeted manipulation of the participants. It was more of a confirmatory...
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