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Activity-Based Costing
ABC Company produces two products: Product A and Product B. Recently appointed management decided to change from a unit-based, traditional costing system to an activity-based costing system. The following data have been gathered, to assess the effect of the change:

Product type Quantity Prime CostsMachine HoursMaterial MovesSetups Product A60,000 €150,000 3,500 6,800 800
Product B 15,000 € 30,000 2,750 1,200 450
Expenditures (€) €180,000 €120,000 €80,000 €40,000

Under the current system, the costs of operating equipment (machine hours), materials moves, and setups are assigned to the products on the basis of machine hours.

1.Compute the unit cost of Product A and Product B using the current unit-based approach. 2.Compute the unit cost of both Products A and B using an activity-based costing approach. 3.Using two cost pools and two drivers, material moves and setups, calculate overhead cost assignments using reduced system and compare results with overhead cost assignments obtained in Requirement 2.


Shpenzimet totale indirekte = €120,000 + €80,000 + €40,000= €240,000
Totali i orëve të makinerisë= 3,000 + 2,750=6,500 orë
Norma e përvetësimit= €240,000 / 6,500 orë =€38.40
(në nivel të kompanisë)

Shpenzimet totale indirekte për:
Produktin A€38.40x3,500=€134,400
Produktin B€38.40x2,750=€105,600

Kostot për njësi për:
për njësi
Produktin A€150,000€134,400€284,40060,000€4.74
Produktin B€30,000€105,600€135,60015,000€9.04

Kalkulimi i normës për secilin aktivitet
Orët e makinerisë€120,000÷6,250=€19.20
Lëvizjet e materialeve€80,000÷8,000=€10.00

Shpenzimet totale indirekte për:
Produktin A:
Orët e makinerisë€19.20x3,500=€67,200
Lëvizjet e...
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