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Health Policy values
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I am an American national, born in Nigeria, raised in the upper middle class in an orthodox family. In the US, my denomination enjoys a massive representation, having a lot of values, traditions, beliefs, as well as an inclination to the New Testament. My religion regularly holds that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and as a result in the healing of the body as well as the soul are frequently interlinked. In our beliefs, matters of euthanasia and abortion are often regarded as immoral as well as unethical. The fact that I have lived in America ahs led to the altering of my firm belief to that of moderate Christianity but ensuring that I retain all my orthodox values. Thus, I have over time shifted my view in regard to women education by embracing their studying as well as condoning abortion in some instances such rape. None the less, I believe that policies should not have any inference whatsoever in regard to family matters (House, 2010). The healthcare policy perspective

The healthcare access in terms of the quality, as well as the cost in the United States, remains a primary concern, in regard to the fact that the country is overspending in matters of healthcare provision. The provision of the healthcare service in the US is regarded as bloated when comparing to the other states in the USA. The report that follow the investment indicates that the money that is being channeled into the provision of healthcare fails in the effectiveness as well as the results being discouraging. In my native country Nigeria, the term healthcare insurance fails to exist. There are no insurance companies in Nigeria, whereas the healthcare sectors are mainly private and public. The wealthy people in the country frequently prefer to pay for their access to healthcare in the private sector while the less fortunate opt for the public sector, supported by the government. Both the applications of public as well as the private healthcare sectors frequently operate in harmony parallel to each other. The system in Nigeria has the ability to operate smoothly and at the same time managing to keep the QOS intact (House, 2010). The provision of the healthcare services in the US is by different organizations, with the players in the private sector owning the greater percentage of the facilities in the healthcare provision. 62% of the hospitals are normally nonprofit while 20% make up the government-owned facilities and the remaining 18% encompassing the profit-making facilities. The two public insurance programs that exist in America are the Medicaid for the poor as well as Medicare for the old. The ObamaCare reforms are meant to ensure that millions living in the low-income households will be joining the Medicaid, thus cutting the morbidity and mortality rates. The readmissions, as well as the hospitalizations, make up for over one third in terms of the amount that the US spends on healthcare. The principal concerns lie in the time for the turnaround for the doctor visits as well as the long duration the patients have to wait before they see a doctor. The access to healthcare should not be discriminative against any background and all American citizens should be entitled to access basic healthcare coverage. It is usually a moral obligation as well as the fact that the access should be universal (Association, 2012). Impact on the healthcare policy

The fact that most Americans are inclined to a particular religious group, as well as a political party, makes policy and health appear to be inter-tangled. None the less, my spiritual beliefs have strong roots which play a role in relation to the operations of the healthcare system. The medical training encompasses teaching the personnel on how to manage they are spiritual, as well as cultural aspects. The training I have empowers me to treat as well as care for all the population that is culturally...

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