501 Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 5 (2016 words) Published: December 10, 2014
1.1 Within my role as assistant manager I communicate with many different groups and individuals on a daily basis. Groups and Individuals I come across on a daily basis are the client, their relatives, GPs, Community nursing team, sales reps, pharmacists and my colleagues. When communicating there is a need for use of a various communication skills these are all dependent on the position of the individual and the context of the communication taking place. The identification of this is important as there are many barriers that may arise if the language or terminology used is not understood, which can lead to the message being lost. There needs to be flexibility when recognising the correct type of communication required for the situation you are in.

1.2 In management I communicate with people who are in a higher position than myself, this will affect the direction of communication and will therefore alter the way in which I address the individual. Due to my position within the company I encounter many different reasons for communicating, these include: Supervision, Staff inductions, Delegation of work, Team building and Care plan writing. A good working relationship is essential whatever the communication need or type, it is also a relationship that requires trust to allow staff to be honest and open when communicating. Throughout each day I take on a variety of different roles and therefore am required to make adjustments of communication for each of the circumstances. It is important to know the role that you’re fulfilling in any interaction. Effective communicators make appropriate choices when it comes to choosing how they intend to interact and also the clarity of the purpose of the interaction.

1.3 A common complaint in large organisations is poor communication which often leads to conflict. It can cause major issues to whether or not a job gets done. Poor communication can be caused by many different things. In healthcare we are taught about diversity and equality and the importance of respecting the differences we may come across in people, these are not only cultural differences but also the different values people have. This can have a large impact on the ability to communicate. Other difficulties we may come across are having negative feelings towards a person or becoming upset by something that they say, which can then lead to conflict. Concentration is another barrier that we face, this can result in people not paying attention or listening when being spoken too. Being unwell can also been seen as a barrier along with tiredness. Noise and the environment in which you are communicating can also contribute as a barrier.

1.4On the initial assessment with the service user I am able to determine their communication needs and highlight any barriers. If barriers have been identified I will then implement plans to overcome these problems, these plans could include the following: - Work in partnership with other professionals to give knowledge on the condition which will assist in preparing a unique care plan tailored to the persons individual needs. For example, Speech therapists, translators, psychologists, opticians and audiologists to arrange appropriate assessments to provide equipment and aids to meet the individual’s needs. Staff training, ensure staff are aware and trained to the specific communication needs of each individual in their care. Also that they are fully trained to use any communication aids which meet the service user’s needs. Ensure the environment encourages communication, that it is not too noisy, and at the correct temperature, correct lighting and a comfortable atmosphere. - Observe body language and facial expressions. Speak clearly and slowly. Explain carefully and check for understanding allowing the individual time to ask questions.

1.5 Within the care setting there are many different types and methods of communication, they are:

Verbal communication - This can be...
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