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Topics: United Nations, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: February 21, 2014

Students are required to submit a concise summary of their arguments with supporting literature (max 500 words per student, excluding in-text references and reference list). This should reflect the student’s most salient points for the debate

As a part of group DRPA, we debated the negative side of the disputed topic of “investing in HRD is overrated and doesn’t work”. This topic was a broader topic in comparison to debates over the past few days, not however making it easier as there were different approaches to consider as to how to argue it. It although allowed us the opportunity to discuss the importance of the subject human resources itself whilst of course focusing on human resource development. As it was a broaded topic and not specific it forced our group to research and ensure that we made a concise argument highlighting the most relevant and prominient aspects. We had to make sure that we did not concentrate on the less applicable approaches (as the broad topic did give us different approaches) and side step the important aspects. As first speaker my role was to introduce my fellow team members, rebuttal any relevant points, introduce our topic and where we stand in regards to it as well as introduce some of our key points to support our argument. I began with a brief summary of the general business and economic environment of the world and how it may affect HR, such as the more comfortable shift of labour between countries and the increased amount of international labour in Australia especially, causing the country to adopt the notion of “grow our own workforce” (Nankervis et al.2013, p. 286). With the introduction of labour I then defined human resource development as “empowering people by fostering the contributory capacities that they can bring to the improvement of their own quality of life and that of their families, communities, enterprises and societies” (United Nations, 2010. United Nations Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination...
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