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Edexcel IGCSE

Information and Communication Technology
Paper 2: Practical Paper
20 – 24 June 2011 Time: 3 hours
You must have: Short treasury tag, Cover Sheet, Data files: COMPETITION, GRAPHICS, PENMAWR, PENTATHLON, TEXT, TIMES Paper Reference



sheet provided. • Complete your candidate details ona the covertag to attach your printouts to At the of • Page 2endthe the examination use treasury of cover sheet.


activities paper totalling 100 marks. • There are five the parts in this examinationin round brackets: e.g. (2). of tasks are shown • The marks for


the instructions • Read throughactivities. on Page 2. • Attempt ALLaway from the computer from time to time. • Take breaksprintouts clearly as instructed in each task. • Label your

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Instructions to Candidates This paper consists of five activities. Work through the activities and tasks in order. Do not spend too much time on each activity. For all tasks, you MUST enter the task number, your name, candidate number and centre number BEFORE PRINTING. This table shows the marks and data files needed for each activity. Activity 1 2 3 4 5 Using Art/Imaging and Graphics Software (AG) Using Spreadsheet Software (SS) Using DTP/Word Processing Software (DTP/WP) Using Database Software (DB) Using Presentation Software (PS) Total Marks Marks 10 22 14 29 25 100 Data files needed PENMAWR, GRAPHICS TIMES TEXT, GRAPHICS COMPETITION PENTATHLON, TEXT, GRAPHICS

For all activities, you may also need to use word processing software.

Scenario Karen Bailes is the manager of Penmawr Fitness Club (PFC). The contact details of the club are: Address: Penmawr Fitness Club, High Street, Penmawr, PN1 8YY Phone: 01124 478647 Website: www.penmawr.org.uk Karen is organising an Indoor Pentathlon competition. There are five events – cycling, rowing, running, swimming and walking. Competitors will be organised into age groups. Competitors pay a £5 entry fee. Prizes have been donated by local sponsors.



Activity 1 – Using Art/Imaging and Graphics Software (AG) Karen wants a logo for the Indoor Pentathlon. She has started to create the logo. This is saved as PENMAWR. Task AG1 Open a new document using word processing software. Enter Task AG1 and your name, candidate number and centre number in the footer of the document. SAVE the document as TASK AG1. (a) (i) Insert the graphic PENMAWR into the document TASK AG1. (1) Karen is not happy with her design. (ii) Use text boxes to identify two aspects of the design which should be improved. (3) RESAVE TASK AG1. DO NOT PRINT at this stage. Open a suitable graphics package. (b) (i) Create a new logo for the Indoor Pentathlon. The logo must include: • • one image from the GRAPHICS file the letters PFC. (2) (ii) Check that the finished logo is fit for purpose. (2) SAVE this logo as PFC. Paste a copy of PFC into TASK AG1. RESAVE TASK AG1. DO NOT PRINT at this stage. (c) Explain in document TASK AG1 why your design is an improvement on Karen’s original. (2) Make sure that TASK AG1 is still on one side of A4. RESAVE TASK AG1. PRINT TASK AG1.


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Activity 2 – Using Spreadsheet Software (SS) Karen wants to use a spreadsheet to record the competition results. She has created the file TIMES and entered some test data. The results are shown in seconds. Task SS1 Open the spreadsheet TIMES. Enter Task SS1 and your name, candidate number and centre number in the footer of the spreadsheet. SAVE the spreadsheet as TASK SS1. (a) Karen wants to improve the layout of the spreadsheet. (i) Merge cells A1 to J1. Enter the title PENTATHLON RESULTS – BOYS into the merged cell. (2) (ii) Format the title in row 1 to font size 20, bold. (1) (iii) Format the labels in row 3 to be bold and centred. (1) (iv) Format the spreadsheet so that all the data is visible. (1) (v) Use...
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