1006HSV Human Services Structures Assessment 2 Written Assignment

Topics: Homelessness, Australia, Homelessness in Australia Pages: 7 (1254 words) Published: May 8, 2015
Name: Stephanie Ball
Student Number:s5020895
Course: 1006HSV Human Services Structures
Course Convenor:Leia Greenslade
Campus: Online
Assignment: Assessment 2 – Written Assignment
Topic:Two articles to compare and contrast
Date Due: 1st April, 2015
Word Count: 1233 words

This assignment will identify key points then critically compare and contrast different articles (Farrell, 2012) and (Parsell, 2013) on homelessness. It will ascertain the topic and focal points that surround homelessness. Furthermore it will discuss and link together the similarities and differences of their main argument and policy message within the articles.

There are several key points in articles (Farrell, 2012) and (Parcell, 2013) which suggest that there were two main targets that subsequently shaped the homelessness initiatives and implemented programs. These were to permanently end homelessness or at least aim to halve homelessness in Australia by 2020, and to offer supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who needed it by 2020 (Parcell, 2012, para.18). Furthermore, the Commonwealth Government’s white paper became aware of the need to improve the response of mainstream services for people who are homeless in Australia.

The key point in the article (Parcell, 2013, para.6) states through increased funding into affordable housing, preventative strategies and the adoption of new models of intervention from international contexts, Australia is working towards achieving measurable reductions in homelessness through policy convergence, and drawing lessons from other countries including the UK and USA. Furthermore it is not just about providing a roof but faced ongoing problems with employment, health and financial stability (Farrell, 2012, para.5). One last key point that stands out is that more work must be done to measure, evaluate and improve the impact of programs seeking to end homelessness (Farrell, 2012, para.20). The topic and focus of one article (Farrell, 2012) is discussing homelessness based on numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and the other article (Parsell, 2013) is taking an approach from a government perspective. Policy makers need to take in to consideration that there are other factors that affect the homeless and more attention needs to be focused on these areas. In contrast, the article (Parsell, 2013, para.1) divulges more about the implementation of new policies and programs to end homelessness by adopting international policy directions and social programs from the UK and USA. In one article (Farrell, 2012) it acknowledges the need to address the immediate factors that effect the homeless such as health, employment and financial impacts first before implementing new and adopted policy direction and social programs from other countries where it has been proven to be successful. However, in the other article (Parcell, 2013) there has been no acknowledgement of the issues that need to be addressed prior to these adopted policy direction and social programs.

The topic and focus of the other article (Parcell, 2013, para.1) examines the manner in which Australian homelessness policy has been converging with international policy directions. It scrutinizes Australian social programs adopted from international countries such as the UK and USA as a means to achieve goals of reducing homelessness in Australia. It argues that although Australian homelessness policy objectives are converging with international policy, Australian programs modeled on international successes do not have some of the elements shown elsewhere to be crucial for achieving sustainable reductions in homelessness. This may become central to explaining program outcomes in future years. When comparing both articles, although they have approached homelessness from a different angle, they are focused on achieving the same...

References: Farrell, J. (2012). There’s more to homelessness than ‘rooflessness’. The Conversation. Retrieved from http://theconversation.com/theres-more-to-homelessness-than-rooflessness-6225
Parsell, C. (2013). Policies and programmes to end homelessness in Australia: Learning from international practice. International Journal of Social Welfare. 22 (2), 186-194. doi 2397.2012.00884.x
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