“Faculty Needs Assessment of the College of Education in the Bulacan State University”

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Weighted mean Pages: 6 (1412 words) Published: October 3, 2014

Statement of the Problem
The research entitled, “Faculty Needs Assessment of the College of Education in the Bulacan State University”, was conducted to answer the following questions: 1. How may the faculty of the College of Education be described in terms of: 1.1 Personal Profile

1.2 Professional Background
1.2.1 Educational Attainment
1.2.2 Years in Service
1.2.3 Work loads
1.2.4 Status of Appointment
1.2.5 Relevant seminars attended
1.2.6 In-service Training
1.2.7 Membership in professional Organizations
2. How may the needs of the teachers as perceived by them be described in terms of: 2.1 Personal
2.2 Professional
2.3 Instructional
3. How do these needs affect their performance in teaching in terms of:
3.1 Personal
3.2 Professional
3.3 Instructional
4. What are the possible faculty development programs to be recommended?

The researchers used the descriptive survey method type of research with questionnaire as major data gathering instrument. This approach was appropriate for the study because it involved some types of comparison or contrast and established relationships between non-manipulated variables. Some statistical analyses were also used to describe the study.

Summary of Findings
This study was conducted to assess the faculty needs of the College of Education of Bulacan State University: Bases for Faculty Development. 1.How may the faculty of the COED be described in terms of:

Among 21 respondents, 13 (62%) are females and 8 (38%) males.
Educational Qualification
All obtained a bachelor’s degree and about 4 (19%) of the faculty members have doctor’s degree while 13 (62%) faculty members have earned master’s degrees and out of these 13 faculty members 5 (24%) have units leading to doctor’s degree while 4 (19%) of the other faculty members pursue for a master’s degree.. Majority 67% of the respondents had Professionals Board Exams for Teachers (PBET), 57% Civil Service Professional, 29% Civil Service Sub-Professional, 19% passed the LET Exam, 5% National Manpower Youth Council (NMYC) Skills Test, and 62% had Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID. Among the respondents only 10% had reached their tenure.

Years in Service
The result of the study showed that in terms of teaching experience, majority (52%) of the respondents had ten years or more. While 67% of them had less than ten years teaching experience in BSU.

Work Loads
38% of the respondents have work loads of 11 – 20 units, while 62% have other non teaching loads.
Status of Appointment
Among the respondents, 52% are permanent, 14 % are temporary and 10% are part-timers while 24% of them did not respond.
Seminars Attended
Majority of the respondents (76%) have attended seminar/training about their major subject or area of specialization followed by research with 43%. While only 10% of the respondents attended seminar/training about ICT.

Membership in Professional Organizations
A total of 52% of the respondents have membership on different teacher’s organizations which are mostly (19) on PAFTE 2. What are the needs of the teachers as perceived by them in terms of: 2.1 Personal

Results show that among personal needs, item number 8 “insurance benefits ranked first. Coed Faculty members need benefit or insurance for their family and their future when they retire and providing these needs to them gives security for their future. The respondents perceived that higher salary is an essential personal need to be filled because it ranked second. Respect and love from the students gives satisfaction and self-esteem for the teachers. Also, having good relationship among faculty members and administrators and team building, both ranked fourth-fifth place with a weighted mean of 4.43 interpreted as moderately needed while item no.1 “appreciation and recognition from the students” ranked last, but still has a high weighted mean of 4.14...
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