‘‘Giving Money to Beggars vs. Being Indifferent to Them.’’

Topics: Homelessness, Begging, Want Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: August 30, 2013
As we work and study here in the city, we are all concerned about beggars. They are pleading for money to feed them and their families with disadvantages look. But we often ask these questions: Should we give money to beggars? Should we be indifferent to them? Both questions are important and may have their reasons. Giving money to beggars differs from being indifferent to them. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the emotion of the givers, the living of the panhandler and their rights. First, let’s talk about giving money to beggars. One of the effects of it is happiness: it makes us feel good, eager and may be powerful because we help one person to rise up again and to have what he or she wants. Moreover, we save life when we give money to them because some of those beggars, especially women and children, were beaten and abused by their husbands or parents. That’s why, they are homeless and they need money to live. What is more, Panhandling is a legal activity which has been said and seen as a free speech. Indeed, they just ask for money and for help from people who can understand their situation. Second, let’s look at being indifferent to them. With regard to our emotion, it makes us feel guilty because they are in need and we close our eyes even if we can help. Furthermore, when you give your money to them, you don’t know how they spend it. Sometimes, they use it on alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Thus, we are encouraging them to continue their bad habit. In addition, they are aggressive when they are asking for money and they use illegal forms of panhandling like: following a person, asking for money after dark or soliciting near a bank. All in all, to give or not give is our own decision. Personally, I encourage people to give them what they want: ‘’money’’ because this is what they really want and the way they spend it is not our problem anymore. And if you decide against giving money, just give a smile or a gentle ‘’no’’ to their request instead of...
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