World Order

Topics: United Nations, Nuclear weapon, Law Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Why is world order hard to achieve?

World order is best achieved through agreement of all nations which idealistically is reflected in the legal system of treaties. the ICC, the United Nations, and its peacekeeping forces ultimately aim to achieve this outcome. The devastation resulting from military conflicts in recent years has highlighted the need for the legal system to preserve and maintain world order. Through the UN, its legal processes, and non-legal responses, the legal system's effectiveness is questionable and somewhat debated within society and politics. World order is an ideal of a state of actual peace in which there is no overt conflict and henceforth there is a balance of power among nations. It is this "ideal" which the legal system, treaties, the ICC, the UN, and its peacekeeping forces aim to achieve. However, military conflicts can destabilise this concept of the balance of power. The resulting devastation has drawn attention to the need for the legal system to preserve and maintain world order. However, the processes and restrictions brought about through such organisations as the UN and governments brings about dispute to the effectiveness of international power.

World order can generally be best achieved by agreement of all states which in turn is reflected in the legal system of treaties. A treaty is a legal document that outlines an ideal international standard of behaviour on a particular issue (e.g. nuclear arms) however these agreements are not legally binding unless enacted into domestic legislation. A bilateral treaty is between two countries, thus neglects the ideals of some other countries to best affect the countries in contract.

Each country has its own perspective on world order and not all meets eye to eye. But it can be essentially argued that world order is a necessity in today’s society. There are many conflicts between majorities and minorities or nation against nation that can take many forms such as guerilla,...
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