Tradition and Modernization

Topics: Developing country, Human Development Index, Developed country Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Nowadays, some undeveloped countries and traditional regions try to find the most appropriate way to accelerate the growth of domestic development. While some people agree that these areas should take advantage of appropriate technology with the guidance of traditional ideas, others disagree and argue that more modern ideas and advanced technologies can stimulate greater improvement of regional development. In my opinion, I agree that adopting more modern ideas, values and technologies are the best way for Third World Nations to facilitate their development.

It is true that depending on traditional values and introducing appropriate technologies could boost the local development. The value of sustainable agricultural development educate people stay away from over-farming and reduce the consumption of natural non-renewable resource, such as land, coal and metal as only nature-based exploitation and utilization do meet the requirements of long-term development for all nations. Also, intermediate technologies lay great emphasis upon meeting the basic needs for locals, as security of water supply, sanitary conditions and convenient transportation. Obviously, the construction of infrastructure is the root of the further improvement for poorer nations, because they will stay apart from other states without transportation.

Although there seems some reasonable reasons for Third World citizens to choice the traditional way, it is undeniable that adopting modern ideas and higher technologies could exert greater effects in traditional cities. Civilized ideas are beneficial to the reform of traditional education system. Despite in modern society people claim the equality and non-discrimination between different genders, there are still some women who cannot get the equal rights to study because of poverty, discrimination and harmful practices in parts of old countries. However, giving females the same opportunities to receive education is the best way to eliminate the...
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