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Topics: Management accounting, Cost accounting, Final examination Pages: 12 (4791 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Accounting and Finance
Unit Outline
Department of Accounting and Finance


Unit Code:


Unit Name:

Cost information for decision making

Semester 2, 2009
Contact Details for Chief Examiner/Unit Leader(s)
Email Address:

Dr Bereket Redda
Room 3.32 Building H Campus Caulfield
03 9903 2068


Greg van Mourik
Room W730 Building 11(Menzies) Campus Clayton
Room 3.41 Building H Campus Caulfield
03 9903 1099

Email Address:

Contact Details for Tutor(s)
Email Address:

Paul Yap
Room 3.17 Building H Campus Caulfield
Room 1062 Building 11 (Menzies) Campus Clayton
03 9905 2374 or 990 34580

Responsibilities of Students
As a student of the University, you must:

apply yourself to your studies to the best of your ability
and accept joint responsibility for your learning

become familiar with the rules and regulations governing
the degree in which you are enrolled, and ensure that the
units selected meet the degree requirements

be aware of the policies and practices of the university
and of any faculty and department in which you are
enrolled, which are contained in the materials and
information made available to you

be aware of the rules and regulations concerning the use
of university computing, library and other facilities, as set out in published material

meet deadlines for work to be submitted

take the initiative and consult appropriately when
problems arise

submit original work for assessment without plagiarising
or cheating

if you are an on-campus student, attend lectures, tutorials
and seminars for each unit in which you are enrolled; if
you are an off-campus student, engage thoroughly with
all course materials and participate in any prescribed
residential schools

Plagiarism – means to take and use another person‟s ideas and/or manner of expressing them and to pass them off as
your own by failing to give appropriate acknowledgement.
Cheating – means seeking to obtain an unfair advantage in an examination or in other written or practical work required to be submitted or completed by a student for assessment.
Collusion – is the presentation of work which is the result in whole or in part of unauthorised collaboration with another
person or persons.
Within the University, plagiarism is regarded as a form of theft and is therefore a serious offence.
The submission of essays, assignments and homework is an
essential part of the learning process and a vital way of
assessing your understanding of a unit. The submitted work
must therefore be your own work. In quoting or paraphrasing
material from other sources, those sources must be
acknowledged in full.
The Faculty will consider that plagiarism has occurred in any of the following circumstances where:

phrases and passages are used verbatim without
quotation marks and without a reference to the author

an author's work is paraphrased and presented without a

other students' work is copied or partly copied

items for assessment are written in conjunction with other
students (without explicit direction by the relevant staff

a piece of work has already been submitted or assessed.

contribute to the development of programs and policies
by participating in consultative and deliberative processes
in a responsible and ethical manner

be aware of the University's commitment to equal
opportunity and to demonstrate tolerance and respect for
all members of the university community

respect the right of staff members to express views and
opinions AND
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