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Guideline for completing the School Based Assessment (SBA) in Caribbean History. The SBA is an important and compulsory part of the examination in Caribbean History and is worth 21% of the candidate’s total mark. It is the main mechanism for testing Profile Dimension 3 – Enquiry and Communication. Please consult your Caribbean History syllabus for a complete explanation of the profile dimension. The SBA seeks to enhance candidates’ skills in carrying out the historian’s craft, namely, raising questions, formulating hypotheses, gathering evidence from a variety of data sources, collating and interpreting information, making judgements, drawing conclusions and reporting findings. Candidates are required to complete one (1) research project, which may be selected from either the core or the themes of the syllabus. Any audio-visual materials used for the project must be submitted as part of the report for that project. Candidates may work individually or in groups to research a specific topic. However, each candidate must produce an original report. The project must the candidate’s own work, as plagiarism and cheating will be penalised. The project should be between 1200 and 1500 words in length (approximately 12 to 15 pages, not including illustrations, on letter-sized sheets of paper [8 1/2 × 11 inches]) and should include a bibliography, appropriate quotations, sources, charts, graphs, tables, pictures, references and appendices. These areas are not included in the word count also. The research topic to be investigated must be approved by the teacher before candidates begin their research. The scripts may be neatly hand-written or typed. The following guidelines are to be followed for typed scripts: Paper size: - 8 ½ × 11 inches (letter size).

Font size: - 12
Font colour: - Black
Font style: - An easily readable style must used throughout the project, such as Calibri or Times New Roman, for example. Line spacing: - Double spaced.
Typing must be done on one...

Bibliography: - A list of all sources (primary and secondary) consulted by the candidate, in the completion of the project. The MLA (Modern Languages Association) format for citing sources must be used.
Appendix: - All subsidiary information gathered in the course of researching the topic.
The research project must be presented in acceptable language, that is, Standard English.
The completed project must be securely fasten with staples and presented in a translucent (clear) file jacket (Quarto or A4 size).
Please consult the Caribbean History syllabus for a complete explanation of the criteria and mark scheme for research projects. Candidates are expected to consult with their teacher on a regular basis, to ensure the proper conduct of the project. Candidates must adhere to deadlines given by the teacher and the school for the submission of the project.
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